10 Essentials items for wilderness emergency survival kit

Having the ten essentials when venturing out into the wilderness along with the skills to use them will greatly increase your odds of returning home safely; or at least make you comfortable while awaiting rescue.

Gear for an unexpected night out while day hiking.

The original and updated ten essentials list:

Updated Ten Essential “Systems” list

1. Navigation (map and compass, GPS unit)
2. Sun protection (sunglasses, hat and sunscreen)
3. Insulation (extra clothing and rain gear)
4. Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)
5. First-aid supplies (And insect repellent)
6. Fire (waterproof matches/lighter ferro rod)
7. Repair kit and tools (Multi-tool, knives)
8. Nutrition (extra food)
9. Hydration (extra water and means to purify it)
10. Emergency shelter (Tarp, bivy sack)

Classic traditional Ten Essentials

1. Map
2. Compass
3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
4. Extra clothing
5. Headlamp/flashlight
6. First-aid supplies
7. Firestarter
8. Matches
9. Knife
10. Extra food

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