Basics of Tactical Shooting Course at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri

Basics of Tactical Shooting Course at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri

A look at what you will learn and work on during the Basic Tactical Pistol Course at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri.

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OUR MISSION: To provide the practical application of superior techniques, a real-world training environment, and the most experienced instructors available to give our clients an overwhelming tactical advantage in a potentially threatening situation.

THE SCHOOL: Very little in our daily lives prepares us to deal with the devastating shock from a sudden attack of criminal violence. An Olympic level target shooter will freeze or miss when the stress of an unexpected assault is applied. No one has ever been attacked by shooting lanes and a paper bull’s eye ring. Perfect execution on a target in a static environment is irreplaceable practice, but does not give adequate preparation for the confounding haze of a life-on-the-line fight.

In the same way, experienced physicians have found themselves helpless when a medical crisis arises and their environment lacks the technology and tools to treat or assess the injury.

Recent history has shown, the most capable and competent businessman who commands supply chains and limitless resources is powerless when faced with the collapse of society brought about by natural or economic disaster.No one asks to face the threat of hostility, medical crisis, or breakdown of our normally safe and convenient civilization. Yet, a real and sometimes dangerous world is out there.

Honestly assess yourself- When the moment of crisis comes to you, how would it go?
Instead of wondering, you can know.

Our programs will give you an overwhelming tactical advantage and help you develop the skills, resources, and mindset to survive hostilities and disasters of all forms. We instill in our clients a carefully crafted confidence of mind and clarity of action through the most comprehensive and intense program of defensive combat training, self-reliance, and crisis management skills available to civilians. Every detailed segment of our curriculum was produced and is currently taught on site by combat tested veterans of the world’s most elite special operations units and law enforcement agencies. The entire program is based on the training they used to create a mastery of combative abilities and self-reliance skills that resulted in a long history of successful operations.

While the core of our programs were developed around combative shooting skills, we also offer intensive programs in fieldcraft, wilderness survival, field medicine, executive protection, tracking, tactical driving, escape and evasion, structure security, disaster preparation, and movement in hostile areas.

No One Unchallenged, No One Left Behind

We provide training that works and training that sticks. Whether you have never had formal firearms instruction or you are a professional member of a military special missions or law enforcement SWAT team, we can offer you a series courses and evolutions that will provide you a clear path forward for improving your abilities and knowledge.

Our Approach: Learn and Retain

At Asymmetric Solutions, we don’t sheep-dip our Training Participants in high-speed, low-drag events and hope that the learning sticks. We take a proven systematic approach to instruction. We use objective metrics to make sure Training Participants are not only acquiring but also retaining the skills they have invested time, effort and money to acquire.