Purifying water in the wild is the most important knowledge you can have. You can find plenty of Water Filtration systems at your local outdoor supply store or even at your local wal mart.

There are many kinds of pumps with filters and purifiers to make sure unfiltered water goes in, but filtered or drinkable water comes out right into your water container. This is done through a process of squeezing water through ceramic or charcoal filter and treating it with chemicals.

It is possible to pull moisture out of the ground by digging a hole in the ground and putting a container on the bottom. Cover the hole with plastic so that no moisture gets away, and put a small weight lile a rock or a pebble in the center of the cover so that there’s a dip in the center.

When the water evaporates from the ground upwards, it condenses on the cover and drips down into the container.




You can also drop in one or two purification tablets or purification drops. The most common chemical used in purifying water is iodine. Chlorine or potassium permanganate will also work.
You have to give the tablets or drops 15 minutes to purify the unfiltered water.
The simplest method to purify water is to boil it.You will need a pot or some kind of metal container that can handle high amounts of heat.

And you will need a campfire or a cookstove. Let the water sit in a pot over a high heat until you have rolling bubbles, and let the rolling bubbles keep going for at least five minutes.

Let it get cool enough so you can drink it. You can do this simple method as many times as you want. Purifying water in the wild and keeping purified water handy is the most important survival skill to have in your skillset.

You can go for at least three weeks without food but the since the human body needs water to regulate internal temperate and keep cells alive, a person can only go for three days without water.

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