US Army Survival Training Video: Food Procurement, Animals | Part 3

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ASP Presents: US Army Survival Training Video, 3 Part Series

Food Procurement, Animals, Part 3.

This US Army training video focuses on creating traps and procuring food while evading and surviving behind enemy lines.

You need food to maintain energy and life. You should not eat food without water. Prolong periods without food can weaken you and your will to live.

Before you find yourself in a survival situation, prepare for the possibilities by carrying a personal survival kit. Having a personal survival kit can make or break your will to survive.

Security behind enemy lines is of utmost importance. Be sure to size up your current situation and security before looking for food.

Insects are abundant in the wild and can provide nourishment; however, be careful in eating and gathering insects. Spiders, ticks, or spiky insects are to be avoided at all cost when eating.

Cook fresh water and sea fish before consuming. Such fish can carry parasites that can undermine your survival.

Be wary of consuming toads, frogs, or salamanders as some are poisonous.

Snakes can be eaten. Be careful in catching venomous snakes as they can poison you if you mishandle or trap them. You can eat snakes without being cooked as they do not carry the blood borne diseases in warm blooded animals.

All species of birds can be eaten, but must be cooked.

Trapping and snaring wild game is best behind enemy lines as your firearm can reveal your position.

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